My husband and I met you briefly at the MGM Grand hotel in Vegas a few weeks ago. Your music is so beautiful!! So thankful our paths crossed... All the best to you and your family..
Beautiful person and great musician!
Holly, you and your music are beautiful!! I wish you could have seen us, as we enjoyed your music - - Mark and I were dancing to it, while you played your heart out!! You have a marvelous gift, not just in the music but one that will not let others crush you or dominate your spirit. Your family must be so proud of you!! I am sure that God SMILES every time He hears you play, proud of you too!! Please keep me posted on when and where you are playing! If it works, I will be there. If it works, Mark and I will both be there to dance with you!! :) God bless!!! Chelle
Holly, I talked to you and your mother last night at the Joe Bonnamassa concert. Wasn't that an awesome show? My husband and I will continue to check out where your are performing.
Holly, I bought one of your CD's this last weekend in Sioux Falls SD -Holly Vandenberg 2 Sides of Me. What a great CD. I love the piano and most music but yours is so inspiring and calming at the same time. Thank you for sharing your talents. You are truly gifted and a blessing to those who listen to your music. Thank you Agatha Johnson - Aberdeen, SD
Dear Holly, I am proud to claim that I knew you before you became famous and that I "had you" for one week, every summer for, "how many?" summers, at "blind camp," at "Flag Mountain Camp" in Hill City,SD. Thinking back,It seems like,I was "Grandma" that had my kids for a week every summer. I remember your precocious,outgoing (and often outspoken)ways. I remember the music. We always had music at all breaks.Sometimes it seemed like music camp. Holly, I was privileged to observe you, as you "matured' each year. I am very proud of you and your accomplishments and as I have looked over your life through the web-site. I see the same out going spirited girl that I remember from camp,Just the matured version. I am proud to have known you and have been a small part of your life. May God Bless you as you press forward in your promising career and pursuits. Evelyn King
HI Holly, Do you remember me? I am Amanda's mom. I saw that you will be in Sioux Falls on Sept. 8th. That is Amanda's birthday! Maybe we will make it up there to listen to you! It will be good to see you again! Take care, Paula
hey i was here looking.
Hello Holly, Just visited your website. How great and wonderfully talented you are. I could just sit and listen all night. And you know I am a night owl. I am so glad I got to know you, and not only are you talented, but you are genuinely a kind and sweet person. I wish you the best in your career. And I really feel honored to call you my friend. You go girl! I know your music will take you far! Nita
Hey Holly, I LOVE your website and your music!!! I need to get more of your albums and play them at wedding receptions!!! You and your mom are doing so good at getting you and your music out there!!! Let me know if I can help in anyway, like selling your Cd's at some of our gigs, for example. I am going to share your website on our facebook page. Love Cheri
Holly, I listen to your music every day! Keep on going with new CD's. You caught my attention at Winter Fest in Luverne and I purchased your music to share with my family as presents. Your music is truly a gift to share!
Comment: I think you should channel Tori Amos and Amanda Palmer thereby rocking Pipestone's socks off!
LOVE the new cd!! cant wait for you to play at the coffeeshop!!
Holly, Just wanted you to know my first grade students and I listen to your CD every day. We play it when we write and draw. It's calming and heart-warming! What a great way to spend the day! Thanks for the music, Holly! What an inspiration you are to all! I can't wait to listen to the Christmas CD! Laura Linde A.K.A.: Professor Linde
Hi Holly, I met your dad yesterday on a plane from Sioux Falls to Minneapolis. I live in GA. He told me about your CDs and your website. I'm so excited to listen to your music. Congratulations on all of your success!!
Holly, I am so happy for you! Your music is very inspirational and very touching to the heart. Congratulations!!! :) I took a listen to your songs and they were just the type of music I would love to listen to while doing my art or just relaxing in bed. I am definitely going to buy one of your albums. Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent and music to me. :)
I really like your music my aunt martha played a little of it for me when i was at her house. Looking forward to getting them soon. God Bless -Marissa
holly, my mom and i were the first people to buy your CD at the sidewalk arts festival, and we love it dearly! we are also the people that have your same exact last name! isnt that crazzy? well we love your CD. its great music. keep working hard, you're soooo talented! -Jamie
Holly,I purchased your sweet escape CD at the sidewalk arts in sioux Falls and I just love it.Keep up the good work! you are sooo talented. Take care Jan
Holly--you are totally awesome! Congrats to you on all your hard work. We love you Holly!--And you are such an inspiration to all of us. God sure did put an awesome gift in you to share with others! That is excellent. God Bless! Love, Jim and Nila McGriff (friends of your Mom)
Holly, Thank you so much for sharing your talents in Amanda and Nick's wedding on the 29th of Dec 07. You also played for Melissa and Jeff, Marie and Mike's weddings. Everyone needs to know that you are very talented and creative. We appreciate your sharing this talent and making all three of the girl's weddings absolutely perfect. If anyone is looking for a pianist you are the tops, from your creative arrangements to your talented creation of new songs on short notice as demonstraded at the girls weddings. Thank you again and wish you the best in the future.
Hello Holly! I just got done looking at yoru photos on your page. You seem to be having quite a time and staying very busy! I am so excited for you, and excited for the people who get to hear you play! If you are ever in Florida, you know I will bring a crowd! I miss you girl, and keep up the good work! Can't wait for album number two! Love, Jenny
We love the pictures from the pool party.We wish you a lot of luck with your CD.
Hello, Holly. I am from Omaha and was visiting Sioux Falls last Saturday. I discovered you at the Arts & Crafts Festival. Your music is lovely and I like the stories about the origins of your songs. I am enjoying your CD and have been telling friends about you and your awesome music. I have a son who is 33 and a daughter 26, so I know how proud your parents must be. Keep up the great job. May God bless you.
love your web site
Hello Holly, Your a wonderful person and all the best for you. This is a great website and I will share it with all my friends. See you soon....
Holly, Thank you for meeting with me today and sending this URL. I remember you playing here at MSU for a function last year I think it was- in the Ballroom and I loved it! How lucky I am to have you as a student this semester. Keep playing your beautiful music for people: what a fantastic gift this is!
You go girl!! You are an amazing women and we feel blessed to know you! Congrats with your debut and keep playing!
Holly, I just wanted to let you know that I think what you're doing is awesome. I wish you success in the future with your music career.
Holly! Hey, it's the domino's girl! It was great meeting you at your CD release party! I hope the one in Pipestone goes well this weekend and that you have fun! Way to work hard and pursue your dreams! It's inspiring! God bless! Kim
Holly! First of all congratulations on your CD release. We are really proud of what you have accomplished and are sure that your brite future will bring much joy and happiness to many. Looking forward to your CD release party on the 26th. Your future will be just as exciting and looking forward to many more wonderful Songs from you. Take care and God Bless. Love Tim & Brenda VandenBerg
Gwen and Holly-so fun seeing you guy's at Mary's, we had so much fun and your cd is fantastic. All my neighbors came in to hear it on Sunday and loved it!!! Take care-Theresa
Hi Holly, We are so glad that we came to your CD releasing party at Spencer and Mary's. We had such a great time. Many thanks to you and your family. You are so awesome and we are so happy for you! Troy, Lorie and Camryn Arens
Holly It's been fun knowing you and your family over the years. Since you're the same age as my youngest, Niki, I've had oppertunity to "keep tabs" on you! Best of luck for your future. Steve Blaue
Congratulations Holly! I absolutely can't wait to get your CD, I am sure it is wonderful! We are so happy for you....we knew you would do it! Love, Marie & Mike Slotemaker
Hi Holly, I just bought your CD today in town and absolutely love it. You are going places with this beautiful talent of yours. I have a daughter one year older than you and have watched you on stage through grade school singing at music concerts not knowing at the time that you played piano or any other instrument. I have only learned of your musical abilities in the past few years through the newspaper. I don't need to wish you good luck, you have that already... you're great and you WILL be famous --world famous. All I can say is have fun with all this and keep enjoying what you are doing. Keep bringing us your music. Can't wait for you future CD's. LaDonna --Pipestone, MN
Hi Holly! Congratulations!!! I loved listening to your clips and can't wait to get your CD! YOU ROCK!!! LaRae
Hi Holly, What a wonderful accomplishment! We all are looking forward to hearing your CD. It sounds like my mom already bought me a copy. I hope to see you guys soon. We are trying to make arangements to come up to your CD release party at Spencer and Mary's house. So hope to see you there. Your cousin, Troy
Hi Holly, Congratulations on your success!! You deserve nothing but the best life has to offer! Can't wait to hear your cd, so i've check out the clips and they sound great!
Holly, I listened to your music when your uncle Philip introduced me to it at work. I just want to thank you for sharing your gift with the world, or at least with me. May God continue to bless you and shine in your life.
Hello Holly & family, Holly, I can't wait to hear your new CD I've heard so much about. I'm sending you a check today in the mail because I can't wait any longer to hear it. Could you please send them to me in the mail? Love Ya All, Aunt Norene
Hi Holly, I really enjoyed meeting you today and wow! your music is great. I am enjoying my CD is so soothing and comforting....your cousin, Darla
Hi Holly, Your grandparents and Kim & Taylor were here to visit. We bought one of your CD's and really enjoyed listening to your beautiful music. It gave me an opportunity to explain to our little Annika that God has given you a remarkable gift to share with the world. You have an amazing ability to create music full of emotion. Thank you. And keep pressing on! Blessings to you and your family from the Bjorges in Little Falls!! Love, Kate
Conrats on your accomplishments and your upcoming CDs! It was great to meet you a couple of weeks ago. Good Luck!! Your Funny Cousin Chad
Skip Bruber is my second cousin and his mom just told me about you. I actually live in New Ulm and understand you live in Mankato. In fact, we were there tonite; my daughter played basketball at Bethany. Hopefully, I'll get to hear your music soon. Good luck!
Holly!! I absolutely love your CD! And your Website and your gorgeous photos. Everything is so professional and lovely - just like you. I will do my best to sell lots of CDs for you. What an inspiration you are to us all. Skip is so happy for you, as is his entire family. Can't wait to see you in August! the best to your Mom and Dad. Hugs, Liz
Dear Holly, I remember hearing you play in your dorm room and in the basement of the dorms at MSU. We would get the "piano room" key and go down there and you would play for a long time. I just sat in the corner and listened .. those are some of the most peaceful and serene moments of my life. I'm so blessed to know you. You are an inspiration to everyone. The first day I met you was one of your first days at MSU, I knew we would be great friends. And from there, it was trips to the mall, you playin' at Chet's Place, lunches in the "caf" and many, many trips to TuneTown. I miss you girlie, and am excited I can purchase your CD and hear your beautiful music any time I want to. Way to go Holl! Let me know when you're heading to Florida, I'll make sure you have a fan-base waiting for ya! The sky is the limit!!!
Dear Holly, Just keep the music coming. Your CD is amazing:] !!!!! We will see you at your CD release party August 12th . It is really nice to know your Library tour is a HIT! May the crowds keep getting bigger. We love you. You have brought happiness to my family watching you perform. It brings back fond memories of when you played at our house on the antique piano- you brought it back to life. God Bless you. The Jurrens Family: Clayton, Lynn, Stephanie, Shayna & Chet.
Holly, it was great to see you again, and even greater to hear you play piano again. i wish you losts of luck with your music
I think you are very good at playing piano and the penny flutes and all the things you play i am glad i came to the thing at the library on wednesday... Your Lakefield Fan, Blaike Smith
You are great. There is a world tour in the near future... You may even perform in more countries than I've been to! Maybe I'll see you in Tokyo.
Go for it Holly, Good Luck! Love Grandma & Aunt Judy.
Dear Holly, This is a message coming to you from the Jurrens Resort. Grandma & Grandpa want to thank you for having a web page so we can watch you experience all of your challenges. We love your music. Keep making many more CD's. We love you, Grandma & Grandpa
Hi Holly! You have a wonderful website and I can't wait for you new album. Your music is so beautiful and I wish you the best as you move forward into your career. Love, Jess
Dear Holly, Your site is awsome. Keep reaching for the stars, your possibilities are endless. Good Work, Love, Spencer, Mary, Alex & Brittany
Holly, I wanted to be the first to congratulate you on you new album. I am so proud of your accomplishments, and I wish you the best. Love, Your Dad
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