My new holiday album...GLISTEN & GLOW...available now!! 

snow flakes and ornaments   I'm so excited to present to you my newest holiday album called Glisten & Glow!! I've put together a collection of unique arrangements that you may not have heard before!  Please check out my 'WHITE CHRISTMAS!' I took the song and jazzed it up from it usual slow version.  With the song, LET IT SNOW (Moonlight version) I slowed it down making it into a smooth groove.  Next is FROSTY THE LAID BACK SNOWMAN! I adapted this piece from its original fast pace to a chilled out groove! Last, I took two separate songs and made them into a medley. Check out CHRISTMAS IS HERE, SANTA BABY! This will give you a glimpse of what Glisten & Glow will sound like! 


  Click MY MUSIC page to preview or listen to all the songs! 


 Check out 2 Sides of ME! Half of the songs are uplifting and upbeat. A good example is the song Closer 2 You!  The other half is thought provoking. A good song to sample is The Longing!!

My rock inspired album PLAY IT AGAIN has unique arrangements of familiar favorites you will LOVE!!

  Here is my collection of albums:my newest release,GLISTEN & GLOW, 2 Sides of Me, PLAY IT AGAIN, CHRISTMAS WITH HOLLY as well as THE SWEET ESCAPE and  my debut, HOLLY FROM THE HEART!   Thank you all for your love and support! I promise my material to be interesting and unique!

  Check the different download sites that are selling my album. You can buy a song or the whole album digitally!


    Music is a gift that keeps on giving. Please check out my second album of piano originals, THE SWEET ESCAPE. Relax & unwind, relieve the stress in your life, and most of all, go to that place you call your Sweet Escape.

Check the links to my bio, my debut album entitled HOLLY from the HEART, online sales, photos from my calendar of engagements and much more!

Read my tour diary by clicking MY JOURNAL. I've been waiting for the day to compose this collection of songs to share with my fans. I'm launching my career and looking forward to creating many more albums for you to enjoy.

Your Friend, Holly

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