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Glisten & Glow

by Holly VandenBerg

Released 2015
Released 2015
Let these unique piano arrangements and medleys light up your holiday!!
I'm so excited to present to you my newest holiday album called Glisten & Glow!! I've put together a collection of unique arrangements that you may not have heard before!
Please check out my' WHITE CHRISTMAS!' I took the song and jazzed it up from it usual slow version.
With the song, LET IT SNOW (Moonlight version) I slowed it down making it into a smooth groove.
Next is FROSTY THE LAID BACK SNOWMAN. I adapted this piece from its original fast pace to a chilled out groove!
Last, I took two separate songs and made them into a medley. Check out CHRISTMAS IS HERE, SANTA BABY! This will give you a glimpse of what Glisten & Glow will sound like!
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