Glisten & Glow

Holly VandenBerg

Let these unique piano arrangements and medleys light up your holiday!!

I'm so excited to present to you my newest holiday album called Glisten & Glow!! I've put together a collection of unique arrangements that you may not have heard before! Please check out my' WHITE CHRISTMAS!' I took the song and jazzed it up from it usual slow version. With the song, LET IT SNOW (Moonlight version) I slowed it down making it into a smooth groove. Next is FROSTY THE LAID BACK SNOWMAN. I adapted this piece from its original fast pace to a chilled out groove! Last, I took two separate songs and made them into a medley. Check out CHRISTMAS IS HERE, SANTA BABY! This will give you a glimpse of what Glisten & Glow will sound like!

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