Gig next to Mountain Dew and the "Hidden Jewel"

I definitely jumped outside of my box playing my gig at Coborn’s Grocery Store for their Taste of the Holidays Celebration. Playing piano at a grocery store was definitely a first for me. I’ve never experienced playing next to the Mountain Dew display either. Since Dew is my favorite drink, it was pretty sweet! 


The place was jam packed with people who were shopping, eating food samples, and relaxing while I entertained them with holiday favorites from my new Christmas with Holly CD. My Christmas album was once again a hot seller!


The most interesting thing that went down was a couple from Madison, SD accidentally stumbled upon Coborn’s, because they had a flat tire. The woman bought all three of my albums and even knew my old fifth-grade teacher. What a great gig!


Then when I was done, we packed up and it was on to my next gig, which was at Kelly’s Koffee for the Comfort Keepers Open House. I definitely had my groove on, because this gig was also packed! People were chatting it up with their friends, enjoying appetizers, and of course, my music to smooth out the evening. People bought CDs to relish the memory of the night. I saw two of my teachers I had in elementary school, and a friend I’ve known since high school showed up to act as my personal assistant. Sweet!


My holiday season is really heating up! Having back to back gigs definitely tested my organizational skills, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute!